How I Work


I offer a highly personalized approach for a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and educational issues.Tailoring a blend of modalities based on neuroscience and evidence-based treatment, it is possible to match the needs of each child, adolescent, adult, or couple. We work together to understand and resolve problems using the resources of the mind, emotions, and body. Skills can be learned to deal with stress, mood, or behavior problems and other challenges.

Many children, teens, and adults find counseling is an important avenue for support, problem-solving skills, and enhancing self-confidence as gains are made in resolving issues and in personal growth. You may be helped to view a problem from a new perspective and learn strategies to accept and balance the challenging aspects of your life more effectively. The benefits you obtain from counseling will depend on your commitment to the process and willingness to practice what you are learning. Weekly sessions are standard.

Some of the benefits you may experience from counseling include:

*Gain a more thorough understanding and set realistic goals

*Learn effective listening and communication skills/conflict resolution

*Improve family or couples relationships, social skills for children

*Children and adults learn coping strategies to deal with difficult situations or relationships using take home biofeedback and relaxation methods, DBT skills for distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal ffectiveness

*Improve self-confidence and hopefulness

*Become a more effective, parent, parent, student, or workplace member


Assessment and planning to assist students students with ADHD, LD, and Autism is an additional area of specialization. Following administration of selected tests for evaluation, recommendations are provided to address the needs of the student. Coordinating efforts with other professionals or school personnel is encouraged to form a team approach. Parents are important partners in the treatment process.