Counseling Methods

Multidisciplinary Approaches Integrated:

A psychodynamic approach based on attachment theory is integrated with cognitive behavioral therapy and informed dialectical behavior therapy for children, teens, adults, and couples to identify unhealthy patterns, relieve discomfort, and develop effective communication and problem solving skills.

Attachment Theory:

Every individual needs a secure, stable attachment experience with parents or a primary caregiver to develop emotional regulation and behavioral patterns to maintain satisfying relationships. The process of enhancing a secure, sense of self and promotion of successful interpersonal relationships can be experienced supportive/guided therapeutic alliance.


Combined cognitive behavioral techniques to address thoughts impacting behaviors with informed dialectical behavioral therapy skills is a powerful method to help individuals change unhealthy patterns and develop a new, more satisfying approach to life. DBT is a cognitive behavioral therapy system developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. in 1991. The general goal of skills training is to learn and refine skills to change emotional, thinking, and behavior patterns associated with dysfunction and distress, and, to increase positive behaviors to improve quality of life. 

Biofeedback and HeartMath Training:

Using breathing, relaxation, biofeedback, while accessing positive feelings and thoughts, transforms the experience of physical and emotional stress into a state of physiological coherence. Neurocardiology and psychology professionals developed this widely researched method endorsed by renowned physicians and medical institutions. The target is to increase Heart Rate Variability, the physical health factor related to longevity and gains in improved emotional well-being and physical health.


"You have been so supportive and it has held me up for years. I don't know how I survived without your help!"

                         Teen, Beverly Hills

"Does everyone you work with experience such dramatic, positive changes in their lives as I have?"

                    Adult Woman, Studio City

"I am deeply grateful to you for helping us save our marriage. I will be referring couples I know who need your help."

                    Adult Man, Beverly Hills